domenica 8 giugno 2008

What "do you do" FAO?

Hunger and International Istitution

Stately meetings.
Powerful men of the earth meet, smile, exchange tips and favours each other.
Abundant lunches and dinners.
Luxury blue cars.
Wonderful halls.
Some witty remark and much unnecessary and deducted talk.
Out of place courtships.
Representatives of “hungry” countries displays high tailoring clothes and refined accessories.
Flowers. Gifts. Souvenirs to expose in their wealthy homes.
And in the end?
… .. Still smiles, handshakes, a goodbye to the next meeting and then everyone flights home, by private aircraft or in business class.
And the hunger? And all children and elderly who have died of hunger while the "powerful men" of the earth were trying to deal with them? They will think about them?

Few rare television reportages. Some sad pictures in the newspapers. And many, but insufficient, offers from wealthy citizens encouraged by the spirit of solidarity or simply by the remorse of their consciences, continue to let those powerful men feel themselves useful to the cause in name of which they spend, to continue to exist and to be gratifying, more than that sufficient to save the lives of thousands of poor unfortunate inhabitants of this our strange planet.

The international humanitarian organisations are theoretically a nice invention of the modern and democratic states, but in reality they play a role less important than that for which it was created. Their power is, in fact, limited by politics and by the interests of the most powerful countries and of lobbies and multinationals that are able to benefit from even the more desperate situations . Not having unfortunately own resources, poor Nations are subject to alms and to the generosity of those who have money and power.

Scarcely listened, even if simply strong, are the invocations of the Pope exhorting -”Globalization of Solidarity" -.

To cancel the debt of those poor countries is not sufficient, if nobody goes to see then how that money was spent and somebody continues to get them into debt again by interventions with poor or even harmful profits.
We must emerge from a process of perpetual cynicism and provide a sustainable development and the infrastructure necessary to create the conditions for a more equitable distribution of wealth in the world.

Mr. Rulers and especially lords senior management of FAO, not come back to your prestigious offices only to make phone calls, to send faxes and to plan trips and inefficient meetings. Try to keep in your thoughts that while you are used to exert and maintain your temporary power, many beings like you, are dying because they do have neither some of your small change to buy a little flour or rice.
Above all, try to think that could happen to any one of us to be born and to live in those unlucky places.
Worldwide there is still a lot of people who die of hunger, let us not forget that, in our everyday lives of sufferers of Western consumerism.

The hungry people are everywhere: in the mountains, in the plains, along the coasts and islands. In every region of the world is hungry people.
Here is their geographical distribution:

Sub-Saharan Africa: 204 million
Asia / Pacific: 156 million
India: 221 million
China: 142 million
Latin America / Caribbean: 53 million
Near East / North Africa: 39 million
Countries of the former Soviet Union: 28 million
Other industrialised countries: 9 million

(Thinking Heart)

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